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Inspiring a New Garment Fit Paradigm...

To pursue the goal of mass garment customization is to believe it is possible to parameterize any pattern to fit any human body shape regardless of gender. I believe this to be possible and this website reveals a small portion of my research toward that goal.

What is of particular interest is that the journey to automated bespoke fit led to ways to improve ready-to-wear (RTW). How curious that the journey away from RTW has brought me full circle. With a vision to the day well fitting garments are available for all, I present key elements from 30 years of research.

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Clone Block

The Clone Block® is a computationally efficient, and accurate method of producing a 2D representation of body shape. Generated from innovative landmarking and measuring protocols, it is both a mathematical assessment of individual body shape and a method of directly relating body measurements to a 2D pattern.

Traditional pattern-making techniques, lacking methodologies for quantifying body shape, have previously relied heavily on fittings to perfect garment fit. The Clone Block® allows the iterative process of garment fitting to be automated.

Using the Clone Block® measuring protocols, previously obtained body scanned measurement data can be batch processed for new demographic insights. This permits the development of sizing charts, previously focused only on 1D body dimensions, to now direct pattern shaping for improved garment fit and customer satisfaction.

Replacing traditional 1D widths and girths with 2D origami-like measurements improves garment fit data analysis.

Intelligent Shaping

Intelligent Shaping® brings the art of bespoke fit to mass customization. By incorporating the landmarking and measuring markers used in the Clone Block®, Intelligent Shaping® replicates the heuristic fitting techniques of bespoke tailors, accounting for fabric grain and fit preference, to achieve customized shaping and superior fit.

Developed for integration with CAD and virtual garment design, Intelligent Shaping® can be used as a standalone, body shape inclusive, parametrization software for custom block pattern development (.dxf format).

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Intelligent Tailoring

Intelligent Tailoring™ is a computationally efficient method of comparing 1D body measurements against garment dimensions for highly accurate assessment of garment fit. Unlike traditional size prediction applications, it uses both Clone Block™ and Intelligent Shaping™ algorithms for precise analysis of fit preference and body shape.

Emma Scott

Owner, Researcher, Developer, Designer

Emma Scott is a garment fit and pattern-engineering consultant with a unique background. Thirty years of garment design coupled with MTM manufacturing experience, anthropometric research and CAD expertise give her a unique perspective on the workflows and processes required to automate the apparel industry.

After training in computer programming, she took an about-face to train in bespoke pattern making and garment design. Determined to bring the perfection of bespoke fit to a wider audience, she expanded to Made to Measure (MTM) bridal and evening wear manufacturing. When CAD MTM could not address the precise level of fit her business needed to further expand, she turned to R&D and translated the heuristic components of garment fit and pattern engineering to algorithms. She is currently publishing her research, consulting to industry, and integrating her methods into apparel technologies.

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The following philosophy has been a driving force throughout my career. While it has frequently been used in marketing, it is so much more. This statement speaks to the purpose behind my custom design work and my vision for the apparel industry at large. Whether as graduate, mother, athlete, bride, award recipient, or personality the power of a well-fitting garment to transform one’s interaction with the world has never ceased to amaze me. Clothed in an empowering suit of armour, designed for the role at hand and reflective of soul and body, I have had the privilege of witnessing women transform before my eyes. It is this suit of armour I wish to make available to the public at large.

“I do not believe that appearance is a reflection of inner beauty. I do however, acknowledge the impact that external aesthetics have on our own self-esteem, and on the way others view us. Considering this effect, I feel that clothing choices should not always be driven by industry and seasonal trends. I believe...

Fashion Should Empower, not dictate."